Dr. Tony Durst


Dr. Durst is Emeritus Professor at the University of Ottawa. He is a medicinal chemist and his group is mainly involved in the isolation and evaluation of natural products of medicinal interest from plants. His work on active compounds derived from natural sources has produced many patents (25 either applied or awarded).

These include anti-cancer compounds inspired by components of extracts of the North American May apple and the development of a family of potent anti-seizure/anti-epilepsy compounds inspired by a compound found in a delphinium flower, native to the Himalayas. The latter in collaboration with OB Pharma, London ON, ongoing since 2015.

Dr. Durst is familiar with controlled substances. He, consulting for Nectar Health Sciences, Victoria BC, is an inventor of two patents awarded, and two applied, for relating to the isolation of very high purity cannabinoid acids from marijuana and hemp biomass.

Dr. Durst has worked for many years on potential medicines from the rain forests of Costa Rica. This work resulted in the discovery of a natural product which is currently being marketed by Souroubea Botanicals Inc. as an anti-anxiety treatment for pet dogs. The extracts have been shown to be safe for humans. He is a founder and CEO of this company.

POC work is being carried at the University of Ottawa, under the supervision of Dr. Durst